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SafeMoon plans to build a Non-fungible token (NFT) exchange. The creator of SafeMoon says they want to fix some of the problems like price volatility which are common in other cryptocurrencies.

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As a centralised cryptocurrency which is administered by Binance, there are limited options to buy Binance Coin on the open market. When buying many cryptocurrencies, you would normally have several different platforms to choose from, with some offering you lower prices and others providing a range of add-on features. In this respect, Binance Coin is different and only available from one central exchange.
However, you may not be an artist and I get it. So am I and how do i Create NFT’s? .

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If you’re new to this and you’d like to start your journey in buying and selling crypto, your best bet for a cryptocurrency exchange would be Binance Singapore. It has a clean and straightforward UI for you to start buying and selling crypto, with relatively low fees for using such a UI. It’s also MAS-compliant, unlike its international counterpart, Binance International ( Find out why it’s getting banned in our article about what Binance Coin (BNB) is about.
Today, we are going to talk about some of the best ways to make money, and even get rich, with cryptocurrencies.

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"For most traditional investors, look at companies that are on the fringe of this technology, like Square," Ross says.
BlockFi also allows you to do cryptocurrency trading. In other words, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies with your account at very competitive prices. What is great about this platform is that you get instant transactions, better prices than competitors, and interest accrual.

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“This is because if the bill passes, exchanges will have to issue 1099-B tax forms with cost basis information to investors,” Shehan Chandrasekera, CPA, head of tax strategy at, a crypto tax software company, recently told NextAdvisor. “This will significantly reduce the crypto tax filing burden.”

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A good test of whether the Binance trading platform is a good fit for you is to review this phrase: “Binance offers custom API keys and custom-charting for investors.” If that phrase makes sense and seems appealing, Binance’s toolkit might be a good fit for you. If not, then Binance may not be for you.

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    Interestingly, Aussie parents with children under 18 at home were the most likely to make money from their cryptocurrency trading, with 86 per cent reporting a profit that added up on average to $12,428.

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    Resist buying U.S. stocks and Treasurys, Morgan Stanley advises. Here’s what their strategists recommend buying instead.

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    Play-to-earn games have grown increasingly popular during the pandemic as the surge in online gaming encouraged the development of the GameFi technology sector which combines entertainment with real tools for earning money.

    Not until too long ago, Binance had been primarily a crypto-to-crypto exchange with no fiat on and off-ramps, meaning that one had to buy cryptocurrency Bitcoin or Ether elsewhere and then deposit it to Binance.
    This is an art-focused marketplace that collaborates with major companies, athletes, and artists.

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    United States investors still cannot use the original Binance today, but Binance.US offers over 50 cryptocurrencies for investors to choose from. The biggest draw of Binance.US is its low fees compared to some other exchanges. It also has an easy-to-use buy/sell option for beginners, while more advanced traders can get the benefit of its in-depth “basic” and “advanced” trading platforms.

    As there is no ability to initiate a chargeback, there are sellers who are willing to accept it in return for Bitcoin. As a buyer, though, this is something to keep in mind.
    If we talk about one of the most anticipated blockchain’s best NFT games to date, Star Atlas tops the list. The space theme, along with the grand strategy of this game, is outclassing. Set in the year 2620, Star Atlas is built on the Solana blockchain. The game uses the famous and groundbreaking Unreal Five video game engine. As a result, the players can experience cinematic-quality real-time environments like never before.

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    Digital artists like Beeple are now using NFTs for releasing their artwork, and blockchain can verify whether the price is authentic or not. But NFTs are not limited to digital art only. There are many ways to use NFTs, such as it can be ownership of any rare and unique items even if it’s another form of asset. It can also have a physical form, so NFTs are not all subjected to digital form only.

    Unlike some other cryptos, Tether is known as a stablecoin which aims to maintain stable cryptocurrency valuations across the market.
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Basic Attention Token is another utility token most commonly utilized in the Brave Browser.

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Every exchange has its unique registration process, but generally, there are several requirements you need to meet to be able to open a crypto exchange account. You will need to provide personal information such as name, address, email address, social security number, and a photo or scan of a government-issued ID.

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Do that on a larger scale and you’re making $1,000’s sometimes $10s of thousands per trade.

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The Shrimpy trading bot has revolutionized crypto trading by automating crypto rebalancing, allowing users to create a custom index, and not forgetting the innovative feature-social trading that is mutually beneficial to all users.

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