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So, if you are an aspiring artist or if you are thinking to get into NFT’s, I’d say go for it. Who knows, your art could be selling for an average of $30,000 to $100,000. You never know until you try because truly nobody, not even me knows how the marketplace decides and judges art. Which means, Originality here truly helps and if you can tell and communicate a powerful story through your art, you could actually be the next Beeple.

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Even with this temporary higher minting fees than normal within the Hicetnunc system costing 0.085 XTZ ($0.30), this still represents a 166X reduction in minting fees when comparing to a $50 Ethereum minting fee.
Solana is also the name of the native crypto participants use to pay for transactions on the blockchain. If you’re a crypto enthusiast, you probably saw its price increase by about 500% between August and early September. .

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The royalty amount that artists will accept on secondary sales is entirely up to them. In addition to the five percent commission, Nifty also takes a hefty 30 cents from every secondary sale.
But that doesn’t mean that digital coins aren’t good investments. They all still have the potential to change the way industries and financial institutions operate. We are at the point where we need to identify those that have true real-world value and those that don’t.

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Compare Binance Singapore trading and deposit fees, no. of coins supported and platform capabilities with other top crypto exchanges and decide which crypto trading platform suits you best. Open a crypto trading account with Binance Singapore today!

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It is pretty easy actually. The entire process involves five key steps. They are: a) Choose a crypto exchange; b) Create your account and verify it; c) Deposit the fund and start investing; d) Place you order to buy desired cryptocurrency, e) Select a storage method. However, there are also other ways to invest in cryptocurrencies. These include crypto ETFs (similar to those of gold and other ETFs) or investing in cryptocurrency-related stocks. These options are not so mainstream yet.

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To finish off our guide on how to buy on Binance, it’s worth mentioning one, final thing - the P2P services that Binance provides.

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    ZEP has been listed on several crypto exchanges. Moreover, like other main cryptos, ZEP cannot be directly purchased with traditional money. We can easily buy ZEP coin by first buying Bitcoin from any popular exchanges and transfer to the exchange in which ZEP can trade. Currently, ZEP is trading on PanCakeSwap. If the investors think that ZEP is a good investment, then there will high chance to become a billionaire

    According to the financial analysts, crypto professionals, and investors, there are fifteen cryptocurrencies that can bring you an impressive income next few years, among them: Bitcoin (BTC)Ethereum (ETH)Litecoin (LTC)Tezos (XTZ)Cardano (ADA)Monero (XMR)Chainlink (LINK)XRP (Ripple)Aave (AAVE)BAT (Basic Attention Token) (CRO) (YFI)Binance Coin (BNB)Tron (TRX)Filecoin (FIL) Why Should You Invest in Cryptocurrencies?
    Trade Bitcoin futures and options and other popular crypto products on-the-go with a stable and secure industry-leading trading platform trusted by professionals worldwide.

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    There are also a number of top crypto exchanges who don’t charge different fees between takers and makers. Usually, we call such exchanges’ trading fees “flat”.

    If you are wondering why many are leveraging Ethereum despite transaction costs, it is because of the wider ecosystem of Ethereum blockchain. You get access to far more marketplaces and compatible wallets when working with Ethereum-based NFT ecosystems. Vast Ethereum eco-chamber includes artist incubators, luxury art galleries, and markets such as Opensea,, Makersplace, Nifty Gateway, and more.
    Moreover, NFTs allow the artist and audience to connect on an entirely different level than ever before. With so many personalized options available when minting tokens, musicians can include anything they want.

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    Navneet Dugar, Advocate and Principal Consultant of Zemis Advisors, said if the income from cryptocurrencies is classified as business income, it will be taxed at the rate applicable for the taxation of business income. If the income from cryptocurrencies is neither classified as business income nor as capital gains, then it will be counted as income from other sources. This is known as residuary income. "In such cases, the applied tax rate will be 25 per cent for the businesses, whereas individuals are taxed as per their respective tax slab rate, after adding the gains to their income."

    “Earn a crypto coin with an eligible order once per day. But hurry, this is a limited-time promotion!” the website warned.
    Even if Solana has increased stunningly this year, crypto investments are extremely volatile.

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    The bears returned in the cryptocurrency space as bitcoin dumped by more than $6,000 in hours. The altcoins are also deep in red, with ETH, DOT, LUNA, and LTC dropping by double-digit percentages in a day.

    In case you want to be more than an NFT creator, trader, or a collector of collectibles, and have your own marketplace, this is what you should do.
    I personally prefer using StraitsX due to the lower transaction fees and speed of transaction, which is usually less than 10 minutes. Direct bank deposit will very much depend on the entity’s clearing schedules, which can be around 1-2 working days.

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The overall market saw bearish momentum take over again over the last 24 hours. Bitcoin declined by 1.41 percent, while Ethereum by 1.93 percent. Meanwhile, Decentraland (MANA) is the top performer, with a gain of over 38 percent.

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With games being well-known huge spenders on virtual items, video games with NFTs sellable in-game items have a likelihood of becoming a big winner. Notably, NFT video game developers are also ambitious creators of NFTs, which might thrust the NFT technology further forward.

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Surprisingly, creating an NFT isn’t complicated, and there are platforms where you can get guidance on the entire process. NFTs are built and supported by a particular blockchain, with Ethereum NFT being the most popular. Apart from Ethereum, Flow and Binance are also commonly used for its development. You need a crypto wallet and cryptocurrency, mainly Ethereum, to transact. You can sell NFTs for cryptocurrency or fiat money through smart contracts, and the transfer is recorded on a blockchain.

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Chainlink remains in a nice upward trend. Analysts expect LINK to peak at $ 72.81 in 2025.

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